Dispatch from a Residency: A Photo Essay

The unique experience of attending a writer’s residency, despite being devoted to the written word, can, at times, be hard to describe. Let us show you the essence of a Stonecoast residency with photos from the 2013 winter residency, going on now through January 14th.

Faculty Suzanne Strempek Shea-teaching

Here, faculty member Suzanne Strempek Shea lectures on the art of pitching nonfiction projects.

Student Devin Gaither -presentation

Graduating student Devin Gaither gives a presentation titled, “Defining Your Reality: Metaphysics in Literary and Popular Fiction.”

Student at computer (unknown)

Take a walk through the Stone House and you’ll see students hunched over their laptops, capturing insights and inspirations between lectures.

iPhone taping a presentation

Some students even take the insights with them, like this lecture captured on a cell phone.

Jim Kelly with Fan

Every evening of the residency, the Stonecoast faculty read from their work. The entertaining James Patrick Kelly reads from his story “Painting The Air” and complements the piece with a prop.

Tim Seibles-reading 2

Faculty member and National Book Award Finalist Tim Seibles reads from his work and brings the house down.

Facutly-Dolen PV, Sarah B, Jaed C

Residencies also allow the Stonecoast community to network and collaborate. Faculty members Dolen Perkins Valdez, Sarah Braunstein, and Jaed Coffin are seen here at an evening reading.

Ted Deppe-group mingling

Stonecoast Ireland Coordinator and faculty member Ted Deppe visits with Stonecoast Faculty member Barbara Hurd.

Winte Window-Stonehouse

Throughout the long days of presentations, workshops, seminars, and readings, the tranquil setting of the Stone House Mansion acts as a container of inspiration.

Sunset on Stonehouse

The expansive grounds allow for quiet moments alone, where a writer can let everything sink in before returning home to start writing again.

If you’d like more information about applying to the Stonecoast MFA program click on this link. Photos courtesy of Stonecoast alum Helen Peppe. 


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