By James Patrick Kelly

Happy Halloween!

For some reason I never got the Halloween memo.  Oh sure, as a kid I put on the plastic mask and flammable superhero/pirate/spaceman costume and collected my share of sugary swag.  But, as an alleged grown-up, I have dressed for Halloween maybe a handful of times, and certainly not in the last twenty-some years.

Why should this be?

Maybe it has something to do with my aversion to candy corn, or perhaps it’s that I dress up and put on a mask pretty much every time I write. Continue reading


Stonecoast: An Inclusive, Ongoing Community of Storytellers

Stonecoasters reunite at Romance Writers of America annual conference

By Nancy Holder

When I first started teaching at Stonecoast, I wondered if I would feel like part of a community, since I would only see the other faculty members and students twice a year. After having taught in the lit department at the University of California at San Diego, I figured I would miss the mingling—passing students in the halls and seeing them during office hours.

I did remind myself that I’ve worked for years with editors I’ve never met in person, and I’ve done a substantial amount of online teaching and never met any of those students. But I knew it would be different as a faculty member of an intensive low-residency program, where I would only see other Stonecoasters every January and July. Continue reading