Editorial Staff

Meet the Co-Editors of the Stonecoast Faculty Blog, Stacy Thompson (left) and Ashley Johnson (right).

The Story of Stacy and Ashley

Stacy, F/CNF ’12, and Ashley, F ’12, met on the bus from the Bowdoin dorms to the Stone House on the first day of their first residency.  In the time it took to wind through the tree-capped streets of Brunswick, they discovered they would be spending the next week together in workshop; they would also, by chance, be sharing a room in Howth during the upcoming Stonecoast in Ireland winter residency.  In many ways, it seemed a friendship written in the stars.

Over the years, Stacy and Ashley have shared short stories, memoir and novel excerpts, book recommendations, blogging tips, and even Tarot card readings.  They are pleased as punch to be working on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog together, and are happy to answer any questions related to the blog (editorial guidelines, posting schedule, who is eligible to submit, etc.).  For more information about the blog or the overall Stonecoast experience, email stonecoastfacultyblog@gmail.com or just enter a comment in the “Leave a Reply” section below.


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